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Tungsten City "rise after another" difficult to continue to push up the price of tungsten

Date:2016-3-7 20:13

Recent Tungsten City "rise after another," the overall rebound.

Recent Tungsten City "rise after another," the overall rebound. Business community price monitoring show that as of December 2, wolframite factory average price of 55,500 yuan / ton, compared with a record low prices rebounded 8.82%; ammonium paratungstate (APT-0) factory average price of about 86,500 yuan / ton, compared with record low prices rebounded 10.66%; 70 # tungsten iron factory average about 107,750 yuan / ton, compared with a record low prices rebounded 2.38%. On the whole, tungsten-based market rally has highlighted, the market confidence.

Social business branch Steel Hang Ho added that the current tungsten price bounced higher, mainly due to previous expectations, and the Ministry of Land rare metals purchasing and storage requirements specification tungsten ore prospecting and mining rights on favorable policies, causing tungsten mine limited production, discontinued ultimately makes the spot market tungsten-based products and resources to reduce prices pushed higher. However, wolframite prices rebounded straight, merely pushing downstream smelters paratungstate prices rise, downstream ferro-tungsten alloy prices are boosted limited. This is mainly ammonium paratungstate mostly intermediate refined products, higher prices of raw materials market sensitivity, so that it is consistent rally and tungsten concentrates. For tungsten iron products, steel market by the end of its national steel market downturn, profits shrink, procurement prices down, resulting in tungsten iron factory orders still deserted, the price is difficult to rebound effectively.
And analysis from the technical side, and ammonium paratungstate and tungsten concentrate tungsten iron in the long-term correlation coefficients were 0.980 and 0.947, the correlation coefficient is hundred days remained at 0.96 above described three basic sync relationship ups and downs. But the business community from parity index, as of December 2, ammonium paratungstate and tungsten concentrates Goods parity index for 100.19, ferro-tungsten and tungsten concentrates Goods parity index 75.93. Thus, the recent rebound in the price of tungsten concentrates, which greatly boosted the market of ammonium paratungstate, tungsten and iron limited gains.

On the other hand, before the rally, a large decline in the price of tungsten, tungsten concentrate prices fell 18.40% during the year, ammonium paratungstate (APT-0) fell 21.36%, down 12.84 percent tungsten, iron, so the oversold bounce, recently the decline of view, is still a drop in the bucket, the market price is still less profit and loss equilibrium line, business survival is still difficult. 

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