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It  need  good quality nut welding electrode,not only long life time, but also  high strength, high hardness and high wear resistance.JBNR’s nut welding electrode use the copper tungsten alloy as electrode face material to keep the higher wear resistance and big loading endurance, with Chromium Zirconium copper shank which keep the higher electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

We join the copper tungsten faced and the shank with advanced technology. There is no any gap between two materials and have high welding strength.

We also supply the copper tungsten pillar. Customer can join the pillar to shank by themselves.

Copper tungsten pillar:

We supply the copper tungsten small pillar with varieties size with tolerance (0, +0.05) as following:

Dia 1/2"x1/4"   Dia 1"x3/4"
Dia 5/8"x1/4"   Dia 1-1/4"x1/4"
Dia 3/4"x1/4"   Dia 1-1/8"x1/4"
Dia 7/8"x1/4"   Dia 1-3/8"x1/4"
Dia 1"x1/4"   Dia 1-1/2"x1/4"
Material Density(g/cm3) Hardness(HRB) Electrical conductivity(%IACS) RWMA
75W25Cu 14.5 94 45 10W3
content(%wt.)   density(g/cm3) hardness(HRB) Electrical conductivity(%IACS) Grade
Cr:0.6-1%   8.9 85 70 C18200
Cr: 0.5-1.5% Zr:0.05-0.25% Cu:balance   8.9 80 80 C18150
75W25Cu   14.6 98 45 10W3

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