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   Tungsten heavy metal boring bars are manufactured in sintered or polished alloys of 90%-95% tungsten with a nickel-copper-iron-moly matrix. These alloys are very similar to tungsten-carbides but the chemical composition is developed differently to reduce embrittlement. The high density (twice as heavy as steel) and tensile strength (110 kpsi) of this alloy makes the ideal combination for chatter free tools and supper chatter free tools. Heavy metal boring bars greatly enhance boring application by absorbing vibration and drastically reduce chatter, enabling to machine deeper bores with greater precision and finish.
  Tungsten Heavy Alloy bucking bars are denser than steel, resulting in a bucking bar of the same weight but half the size. Bucking bars are used in rivet setting to upset the shank of the rivet. Tungsten Heavy Alloy bucking bars reduce the recoil when reflecting the impact back to the rivet shank.


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